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Mourning The Living On The 9th of Av

A few years ago I was a campus Rabbi for the Jewish Awareness Movement (I even made the video on their home page) at USC. One of my primary responsibilities was to lead large groups of Jewish college students on inspiring trips to Israel.

Of course, the personal inspiration for me, was very often, greater than the inspiration for some of the students.

One episode has inspired me since the moment it occurred and it is directly related to today’s Tisha B’Av fast.

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Misleading Charity Campaign

A Religious charity in Israel has embarked on what I and many others feel to be a misleadeing charity campaign.

Promises 0f safety from danger, special perks and privileges and out of context quotes from great Rabbis permeate the campaign.

I wrote all ab0ut in on DovBear. You can check it out by clicking below.

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We’re All Family

This morning I found this article in my inbox. From time to time, PJC board member, Judd Magilnick sends me (and everyone else he knows) interesting links from all around the web, stretching to the outer limits of the blogosphere and conventional media.

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Israel & The Jewish People | Connections 4/27/09

With the upcoming Yom Haatzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim holidays I felt it was a perfect time to discuss the role Israel plays within the Torah system.

For many people Israel serves as a bastion of democracy in the Middle East, for others it is a Jewish homeland where no Jew will be denied access, for others it holds tremendous historical value, there are others who cherish its spiritual significance and there are yet others who pine for the elevated Torah study of the Land of Israel.

Our goal was to find the meaning of the Land of Israel and its connection to the Jewish people from the Torah. We went to the source to find why there is an intrinsic connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel.

This relationship did not begin in 1948.

The class ended with some really interesting anecdotes (I don’t want to give anything away – but suffice to say, very interesting stuff) and a few great points from our Connections attendees.

Click through to listen to the class right now.

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Dov Dalin in Gaza

Normally I don’t like to tread the dangerous waters of politics. That is why you find no commentary on the current skirmish in Gaza. However I feel it necessary to mention that our thoughts and prayers are with Dov Dalin – Dov Chaim ben Masha Chana. Dov is the son of community members Gary and Marsha Dalin. He is a reserve in the Israel Defense Force and serves as a sniper in the paratroopers. He is currently being deployed to Gaza. We pray for his safe return and the success of his mission.

A war is on the news and in the papers – we don’t necessarily feel it. When we know someone fighting in the war – we feel it. Right now – I feel it.

Bracha V’Hatzlacha Dov!

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