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Jewish Blog Round-Up #225

Another week, another Haveil Havalim.

This week’s round-up is hosted by “How To Be An Israeli”. A number of excellent blog posts from the week that was are linked.

An excellent job all around.

My Book Review of DovBear on the Parsha is mentioned with a very nice comment:

Rabbi Fink talks of being swept away by DovBear’s passion and insight; I felt the same way about reading this post!

Thanks for the mention.

To check out Haveil Havalim #225 click through. Read the rest of this entry »


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Jewish Blog Round-Up July 5th 2009 Edition

Once again a very talented Jewish blogger has provided the weekly Haveil Havalim Jewish Blog Round-up.

This week it is hosted by A Time of the Signs.

I am mentioned not once, but twice in the round-up. Once for my Michael Jackson post and once more for my guest post on DovBear about Onymous vs. Anonymous blogging which was cross-posted on my blog as well.

Thank you Toby for the mentions! You can find all the links by clicking through. Read the rest of this entry »

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If You Like To Read Jewish Blogs

Another Sunday, another Haveil Havalim

The weekly Haveil Havalim roundup of the Jewish blogs is hosted this week by Ima on and off the Bima.

You can find a tremendous number of blogs and articles from this past week. Certainly there is more than enough reading material for a little while.

My post about the plight of Mideastern Jewry that was written the morning of the Holocaust Museum Shooting is mentioned.

Thank you to “Ima” for including me, hosting the round up and doing all the work to sort through all the Jewish blogs!

Click below to see the “round up”.

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Jewish Blog Roundup

The weekly Haveil Havalim roundup of the Jewish blogs is hosted this week by Esser Agaroth.

You can find a truly astounding number of blogs and articles from the week that was. Certainly enough reading material for a little while.

My recent post on LeBron James, his bad sportsmanship and why I athletes are not role models is linked. The Sportsmanship post has now surpassed “The Speed of History” as the most popular post on this blog.

I will not be changing the link on the right hand side of the blog because those are only posts from the First 100. When I get to the next milestone I will do a new “Favorites Post” and add new links.

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Do You Like Reading Blogs?

A great weekly Jewish (mostly) blog roundup called Haveil Havalim has been going strong for 219 rounds.

I just heard of it this week.

That is pretty lame, I am well aware

Anyway, I heard of it thanks to DovBear of fame.

I got a couple mentions in the post and I do appreciate that.

Read on for the link. Read the rest of this entry »

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One Month Anniversary | Best of the Blog (So Far)

Well it has been one month for me on the blogging trail. I must say, I quite like it. I like the idea of expressing myself to an infinite (sometimes reluctant) audience. If the world stops being interesting to me then the blog posts will probably end. I don’t think that is going to happen so I am fairly certain you will see more of my thoughts over time and this is in addition to the twice weekly podcasts and essays of my speeches.

I have compiled a brief “best of” for those of you who may have missed some previous posts. The word “and” appears in nearly every post title. Hmmmmm…..

Malcolm Gladwell and Outliers

Madoff 1 and Madoff 2

Bob Costas and Destiny

Kobe Bryant and Preparation

The Ravens and Respect

Children and Manners

Winners and Losers

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