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Solar Eclipse In Judaism

Last week the world witnessed another wonder of our universe, the Solar Eclipse. This eclipse was visible from Southeast Asia and was the longest eclipse in 18 years and will remain the longest for the next 123 years.

The eclipse has long been associated with mythology and supernatural acts. If you are a fan of the TV show, Heroes, you know what I mean.

In Southeast Asia, many Hindus were gripped by fear. According to Hindu  tradition, the eclipse can cause harm to unborn children. Many ancient cultures attached mythological meaning to solar eclipses. Today, we know that the eclipse is part of the solar pattern that is predictable to the second.

What about Judaism? What do we say about the solar eclipse?

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Tales From 30,000 Feet

Yesterday I flew cross country. Our route: LAX —> JFK.

Something profound happened aboard that aircraft and that is the point behind this post.

While cruising at 30,000 feet we witnessed an amazing sight. Read the rest of this entry »

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Beauty – Is it more than skin deep? | Connections 1/5/09

A wonderful crowd joined together for socializing and Torah study this evening. The atmosphere was wonderful, the questions and comments from the participants were insightful and I had a great time.

Tonight we traversed all across the Torah spectrum. We talked about the Ner Tamid in every shul, the splitting of the sea, therapy and “American Pie” (the song not the movie). We learned about beauty and we enjoyed some incredible connections. That is what it is all about – right? You will find a lot of interesting ideas discussed and bandied about in this class.

How does this all connect? There is only one way for you to find out for yourself!

The entire audio of the class is provided below so that you can listen, enjoy and think about everything that we learned about. If you like what you hear you are more than welcome to join us next Monday night for our next “Connections”.

If you missed it live you can listen on your computer right now by clicking the link below. If you joined us it is also a great way to review. Right click “Download” to save the class on your computer.


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