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Reversing A Trend | A Kiddush Hashem Story

Lately, all the Jews in the News have been getting into trouble with the law or dying. It has been troubling.

Sometimes, we wonder what other people are saying about us. In light of the last few weeks, it just can’t be good.

This recent (true) anecdote is a change of pace and hopefully it can start a new trend.

Jessica* was driving her car down a Monsey road. Her route was taking her past a non-Jewish camp called Camp Sunshine*. On this particular day Camp Sunshine had a camp trip and as it happens, the buses with the campers was a little late and the camp parents were waiting to pick up their children.

A woman was directing traffic. Her concern was that the parents should not get into the camp before the buses arrived because the buses would not be able to enter to camp. She was stopping traffic in all directions and tryiong to direct the buses around the cars so that the buses could enter and then she would allow the cars to enter.

Unluckily for her, no one was listening to her. People were driving by at high speeds cursing her out as they passed. Irate camp parents were yelling at her as if she could magically conjure the buses into the camp.

Jessica was not going to Camp Sunshine but as she passed the woman who was directing traffic told her to stop. Jessica followed instructions and stopped as people behind her swerved around her ignoring the traffic directing woman. Eventually, people began to stop and order was restored. As the lines of cars waited peacefully for the buses.

The woman struck up conversation with Jessica, they lamented the lack of order, but Jessica reassured her that it was okay, no one is really upset with her and she was doing the right thing. They had a nice 10-15 minute conversation while the buses made their way into camp.

Eventually, traffice was ready to resume and Jessica was being directed into the camp. She stuck out her head and told the woman, “I am actually going somewhere else, can I pass?”. The woman nearly fell over. She exclaimed “You mean, you waited this entire time and you are not even coming into Camp Sunshine?”. Jessica replied in the affirmative.

The woman came over to Jessica’s car and said: “I see that you are an Orthodox Jew. Everyone around here has been talking about the Jewish criminals, the dishonesty and anti-social behavior that we have seen around town. You know what? I am going to tell them all about you. I see that not all Orthodox Jews are like that. They need to know that there are people like you too.”

It is the small things that show the world that we are not represented by some hooligans on CNN.

As Ghandi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Be the Kiddush Hashem you want to see in others.

And yes, everyone is watching us.

*names have been changed

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  1. ilanadavita says:

    Thanks for this uplifting story.

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