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Happy Birthday Tetris

June 6th. An auspicious date in history.

For most it a day known as D-Day. The day the Allies invaded Normandy.

I have the greatest respect and appreciation for the massive Ally effort to maintain freedom in our world. Thank you.

If you want to see more about that click here.

For others, it is also T-Day. What is T-Day? Nothing, I just made it up.

But it is the birthday of perhaps the greatest video game of all time.


Would you believe that Tetris is 25 years old today?

Yes. 25 years ago, a Soviet scientist named Alexey Pajitnov invented what has since become an international phenomena.

Everyone knows about Tetris and everyone has played Tetris. This is by no means scientific, I merely think this is the case… and if you have not played yet, read on.

The most famous version of Tetris came packaged with the original Nintendo Game Boy. That version iconic music is the only music that I accept as Tetris music.

The tune was even made into a dance music hit. I kid you not. Check it out.


If you want to play the original Tetris on your computer you can play right now by clicking here.


Anyway, this is slightly Jewish related as well.

The original Tetris music as seen above is a Russian folk song. I have some Jewish Russian friends and they sing a Jewish children’s song to the same tune.

I remember when I heard that for the first time I thought that was pretty cool.

Happy Birthday Tetris.

Happy playing to the rest of us.

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