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Boy Can I Relate To This

I was browsing the Washington Post online edition when a column caught my eye.

It is about churches in Ocean City Maryland.

Why is a rabbi reading about Churches in Maryland?

What does the column have to do with a rabbi of the Shul on the Beach in Venice California?

It turns out… a lot.

The Church is on the beach and that invites casual wear. The attire is not what one would normally expect at a house of worship. Certainly not, “Sunday Finest”.

I can relate to that.

On Memorial Day weekend it is hard to fill up the Church. Forty seats are set up and when services are scheduled to begin they are all empty.

Boy, can I relate to that.

During vacation months, attendance picks ups.

I can relate to that as well.

It turns out that our Shul on the beach has some of the same issues as the Church in Ocean City Maryland.

At our Shul, some weeks we are packed. There are no extra seats. The Kiddush (refreshments and snacks) is well attended. Invitations for Shabbos meals are a dime a dozen.

Other weeks, especially when the weather is poor, or even if the weather is threatening to be poor, attendance is sparse. Thankfully we have had a Minyan for every Shabbos since I have been the Rabbi.

From what I hear, Shavuos will be a test. The first day of services will be at 9:00 AM on Friday morning. I have a feeling that we will not have as robust a crowd as usual.

If you are in Santa Monica or Venice this coming weekend, please join us at the Shul on the Beach. Services begin at 9:00 AM, I speak following the services and then you are invited and treated to a Kiddush, outside on the back patio.

It will be worth your while – I guarantee it.

I can relate to that pastor in Ocean City, but I don’t want to need to…

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8 Responses

  1. ALipman says:


    I wonder, though, how many of our people read this? I think the only way to contact people to get them to do something is by phone.


    • rabbifink says:

      Mr. Lipman,

      Quite a few community members come here often.

      More important will be the phone calls, this blog is just my thoughts on the matter, not the solution.



  2. kelsey says:

    i checked the contact records and 50 to 60 people open these “Blog Post” emails each time. And that doesn’t include those who find the blog through the website or other connections.

  3. Rabbi Fink –

    I often read it, but Youngstown is pretty far to walk… Plus, I don’t think the Ba’alei Batim here would appreciate it.

    – R’ BPS

  4. leslie friedman says:

    Uh oh… we feel guilty.

  5. Chaim Gross says:

    I think,therefore I am, Descarte

    I think, therefore I blog, Chaim Gross

    I am busy, therefor I dont call, Kids in general

    I am indifferent,feel,alienated,tired, irrelevant ( fill in the blanks) therefore I dont come. The Absent

  6. […] Shavuos Turnout Renders Previous Post Moot Last week I blogged about my bond of kinship with a pastor in Ocean City […]

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