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It used to be an innocent color. Now, it means so much more.

Previously, I talked about the Torah approach to Earth Day. Today, I am going to take a brief dip into Green Politics. Normally, I steer clear of politics. One exception was when I wrote about Political Discrimination. Now that technology gives us the ability to figure out who believes in what politics, it is possible to discriminate against people whom you never knew, because of their politics.

My general opinion in politics is that red / blue, left / right, new / old, liberal / conservative are terms too broad for today’s sophisticated world. I can agree and disagree with policies based on my understanding, not based on party. I really have no political agenda, I don’t care which “party” is in control. I care about issues.

Parties were needed when the public wasn’t educated on the issues. But now with 24/7 news cycles, Twitter, Facebook, blogs and more information produced than ever before, folks are capable of thinking on their own.

After seeing this post on a thought occured to me. A bit of a disturbing trend has evolved. When idiots on the right say dumb things or make bad decisions, the other side attacks them. However, the attacks are getting less and less sophisticated and more and more ridiculous.

John Stewart is never going to be taken really seriously because he is seen on Comedy Central. However, another, more disturbing attacks is more serious.

A video called “The Story of Stuff” has been circulated the web and been introduced into the middle school classrooms of many schools. The broader message of the video is great. We need to be careful about our consumption and waste is bad.

Even better is the criticism of our need for replacing what we have and our disposable culture. The video critiques our values as we place spending above all else. These are great lessons. So what is wrong with the video?

Watch the video (or at least watch the intro).

Did you notice anything  strange?

Portraying our government as an army tank?

Corporations as big, ballooning, fat, men?

Calling our products “toxic and contaminated”?

The point is that the message could be delivered without all the harsh, hyperbolic name-calling. The way of conservation and care for our planet and its resources is such simple and beautiful concept. Why are they fouling it up with strong symbolism and propaganda?

The answer is becuase of the political parties in our country. One can’t agree with an issue, one needs to choose a side. And when you are choosing sides it is war. And in war we pull our all the stops.

This is not good for America, nor is it good for the good causes on each side of the political spectrum. For all the talk of “Bipartisanism” have we seen any results other than one senator turning on his constituents to switch parties. Which is the opposite of Bipartisanism!

To quote Rodney King, “can we all get along?”

Yeah, I know this is never gonna happen, but we can dream right? (and point out the flaws in the terrible system we have now).

Please, regardless of your politics, conserve, don’t use plastics unnecessarily, don’t waste what you have, use what have, appreciate what you have, help our society escape its never ending cycle of consumption and make sure the world is as beautiful when we leave as it was when we got here.

It’s not a hotel room, no-one is coming to clean up our mess after we check out.

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