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Sad News Post

We are all aware of the economic uncertainty in our country right now. A little while back, I wrote about how the Yeshivas and Day Schools for Jewish children and teens are being pinched.

Things are looking slightly improved since then. Unfortunately, the situation has not yet completely reversed course.

I have criticized the media in the past. It bothers me when the news that is reported is all negative and virtually ignores all the good in our world.

Once in a while there will be some “feel good” news story to push back the critics of negative media.

Today I saw a negative news item that was presented so well that I feel it is necessary to share. The point was made so well, with such class, professionalism and sensitivity that it was moving.

Take a short break from reading this post to watch this audio slideshow from the LA Times. (It’s about 4 minutes.)

I will just wait here ’til you are done.




What did you think? How do you feel?

This is the point at which the story traverses from media news item to documentary style art. When news is presented in such a powerful way it becomes art. I hope we see more news presented this way. (Although, it could be dangerously used if promoting hate or other universally negative ideals.)

As I have mentioned in the past, I think when we are emotionally moved by anything we need to reflect on what we are feeling.

What I felt watching this slide show was pity. I feel so strongly for these people. I feel in many ways I am one of them. We never know what the future brings and we can only do our best. Those of us who are more secure in our positions in life must do whatever we can to alleviate the suffering of others. We also must be careful to avoid the harmful behaviors that caused this mess.

I would never want to feel the way the last character in the slideshow feels. It must be so terrible. I have a family and I never want to feel the way he does. It breaks my heart.

We need to be responsible and prudent to fix our economy. Quickly too. We will come out of this stronger and more viable than ever before.

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