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Disturbing Poll of the Day

Look, I enjoy sports. (Go Lakers). But this is getting ridiculous!

Nearly 48 thousand people have voted (as of this posting) on the current poll in that asks the following query:

Who do you know more about?

– Potential First Round Picks in the NFL Draft

– People in your office/class

I am surprised by the results.


So there you have it!

49% of People know more about compete strangers than the people that they are around on a daily basis.

This is just wrong.

This week we celebrated Earth Day. A prevailing message of the Day was sensitivity to our environment.

Maybe we should have “People Day” – a day to work on our sensitivity to each other! Everyone could use a smile, a hey, what up? or a friendly how you doing?

But it can’t stop there, we need to talk to each other and more importantly listen to each other. Maybe we should try this People Day more than once a year… Maybe we should always act with sensitivity to on another…

Who is with me?

People Day is every day.

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  1. […] contrasted this with the society I noticed in the poll which I blogged about last week. (If you have not seen that yet – check it […]

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