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What Do Boys Want?

The NY Times has a very interesting article chronicling the research that Disney has been conducting to figure out what boys want.

Disney has had unprecedented success marketing to young teenage girls. With TV shows about pop-stars and princess and fairy lands, young teenage girls flock to Disney. But what about the boys?

Disney has been doing their homework. Apparently, boys are sick of pure violence in their shows. Boys don’t want more pointless TV. Boys want meaning.

Who knew?

For years marketing execs and TV stations have assumed that boys want reckless abandon and wild play. Disney has discovered that stuff has its place but, it all must fall within a framework of meaning.

Boys want to empathize with the boy who is a mediocre basketball player. Boys want to witness his struggle and feel his pain.

The new Disney channel and website geared towards boys will hit these points. Boys will get their version of Disney called Disney XD which hones in on these aspects of boys needs.

Boys want a struggle while girls want pop-stars. Who knew? Disney knew.

In truth we all covet meaning in our lives. Disney will be offering programming that adresses this meaning. But what about us? We need meaning as well. Where do we find meaning?

Torah provides meaning and purpose. If you are looking for something to provide meaning to your life try some Torah. We provide Torah at the Pacific Jewish Center. There is Torah all over this blog. Just click the audio podcasts on the right sidebar. You’ll find classes on all types of life topics and ideas. Also, you can find links to other Torah websites in the “Places to Visit” section on the home page.

Disney knows we need meaning… and it is all right here.

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