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Purim, Doubt, Clarity and Amalek | Connections 2/23/09

Last week we began our Purim learning. (Recommended listening)

Tonight we continued our learning about Purim. Often misunderstood and misused, Purim deserves better treatment than that.

We journeyed through the book of Genesis, The Scroll of Esther and the Talmud in search of meaning and reason. Why is Purim named after the lottery that Haman cast? Why did Haman cast a lottery?

We answered a lot of questions tonight. The basic idea is universal but much of it is in the name of Rabbi Shneur Kotler.

Make sure you listen through the end because I forgot to answer one of our questions until one of the attendees reminded me during the questions :).

It’s all online and you can click through to listen to the class.

You can listen to the entire class below (40 minutes)


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  1. […] the Purim series. To catch up you can listen to our first Purim class by clicking here and the second by clicking here. The conclusion of the series will be at the PJC Purim party on Monday night March 9, 2009 at the […]

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