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“Orange” you glad Tropicana is going back!

I am sure you have noticed the new Tropicana Advertisements.


The ads are concurrent with their new branding and packaging. The ads are noted for their use of male figures (that is pretty rare…).

Now the ads are being pulled and the packaging is returning to the old packaging which we all remember and love.

tropicanaWhy am I blogging about this? (Personally I prefer grapefruit juice over orange juice.)

The reason this is blog material for me is the way that this redacation of the ad campaign was generated. Many people were upset (I can’t understand how packaging can do that, but that’s just me) abuot the new look cartons. Back in the day (circa 1998) if you had a problem with a corporation there was little that you could do to effectively make your voice heard.

That is no longer the case. The NY TImes article about Tropicana’s change of heart is very telling.

“You used to wait to go to the water cooler or a cocktail party to talk over something,” said Richard Laermer, chief executive at RLM Public Relations in New York.

“Now, every minute is a cocktail party,” he added. “You write an e-mail and in an hour, you’ve got a fan base agreeing with you.”

And then later , even more specific.

“Twitter is the ultimate focus group,” Mr. Shankman said. “I can post something and in a minute get feedback from 700 people around the world, giving me their real opinions.”

Neil Campbell, president at Tropicana North America in Chicago, part of PepsiCo Americas Beverages, acknowledged that consumers can communicate with marketers “more readily and more quickly” than ever. “For companies that put consumers at the center of what they do,” he said, “it’s a good thing.”

Thanks to this great thing called the internet everyone has a voice. Companies care about their social networking status. We can make a difference by voicing our opinions on the internet.

This is really what I blogged about last week . Technology has a great power to it that if used properly can change the world!

This is great right? Slow down for a second. This also means that it is so easy for idiots to destroy people and companies on the internet as well. Aha. So the internet is bad, right?

Wrong. Just like anything else in our world the internet is able to be used for good and bad. It is neither. There is nothing that is good or bad – there are only activities which define whether the “thing” is good or bad in a given situation.

Judaism holds that the world is full of tools. Those tools can be used for good or for bad. We make choices and those choices are what determines good and bad, not the actual tool. We have learned a lot about this is our Messilas Yesharim classes which you can find by clicking here.

The power is literally in your hands.And the internet is a great example of this idea.

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One Response

  1. E. F. Shaar says:

    Most idiotic campaign was two years ago when Stella D’oro threatened to go non-pareve. Who cares?

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