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Time Marches On

This article hit me in a very interesting way today.

I am not that old. I am 27 years young. I slowly began to notice becoming older when certain milestones occurred. First, I noticed athletes whom I can remember their debuts, retiring. I am not talking about those athletes who are only around for a year or two. I am talking about those guys who have loooooong careers and are part of the very fabric of the game for a generation. Mike Mussina is an example. I am a closet Baltimore Orioles fan (embarrassing, I know) and when Mussina debuted it was a very exciting time for the O’s. I then watched Mussina make his final farewell 17 years later. That was pretty scary. A long baseball career that I saw from start to finish was a defining moment in my life.

Second, one day I realized that I could remember when my father was my age. It was when I was 25. I remember being 5 years old. And I remember what my father was like when I was 5 years old. That was the first time that I could remember my father when my father was my age. Crazy! When you are too young to remember your father being your age, the thought never occurs to you. Then when you are 40 it is no big deal to remember your father at 40. The first time it happens – you notice!

It happened again today. I remember seeing the first Saturn commercials in 1990. “A different kind of company, a different kind of car” was the tagline. I saw the company succeed and now I am seeing the end of Saturn. GM is phasing out the brand. It’s not that I care passionately about Saturn. It is just kind of weird when you can remember the entire lifetime of a product. I am not old enough t0 remember the rise and fall of Pontiac. Pontiac began in 1932!

I doubt that anybody saw the rise and fall of Bear Stearns. That company was around for 85 years! The current economy has taken down some historic companies. The interesting thing is I can actually see the entire life of some of those casualties.

Time marches on. Our job is to march along with it…

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