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Don’t Be A Hater

Here is a video for you.

Those who know me personally will attest that I am not a card carrying member of the “Woe is us, anti-anti-semitism” club. However, I did recently blog about tolerance and therefore this video clip is relevant. I do not endorse any comments made by the person who posted this video on You Tube. The only reason I am posting this video is to illustrate that Hate exists. Hate is ugly and Hate needs to stop.

I make these comments to address those who may hate me or us from outside of Judaism and equally to my Jewish brethren. We have enough people who hate us, we can’t afford any discord amongst ourselves. We have too much in common to focus on the differences. When you watch this video I think you should consider if there is too much hate in your life. If there is too much hate – you gotta get rid of it.

Try this mantra: “Don’t be a hater”.

It may help…

Video is below.


This is in America, in Chicago. What do you think is going on in Europe and the Middle East?

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