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Political Discrimination

Yesterday I wrote about tolerance. Democracy is built on tolerance. We are each entitled to our opinions and are not subject to discrimination based on our political beliefs.

We all love democracy. It sure beats the alternatives.

One major benefit to democracy is the right to voice your opinion anonymously in a vote. That is how we choose our law and policy makers in the USA. This is great because one cannot be persecuted or discriminated against based upon your political choices if you choose to keep your choices a secret.

Right now that is being put to the test. More and more people are being discriminated against for their political views.

It seems that we have a new problem in our Democratic country. The NY Times is reporting that there is a website which makes this really easy to do. I have seen this myself in Los Angeles. Protesters picketed a very popular local restaurant. There was even a little bit of violence! Using a website it is possible to see who donated to Prop 8 and correspondingly figure out who doesn’t support Gay marriage. It’s really irrelevant what you believe, what is relevant is the secret ballot is the worst kept secret ever. Technology is great but sometimes progress leads to a regress. This type of website is a regression.

Now anyone who wants to discriminate based upon political views can do so quite easily. All political donations are public information and if someone wants to know how you feel on an issue they can find out pretty easily if you’ve ever made a political donation.

This has a negative effect in two ways. One, you may think twice before making that donation. That can’t be good. Two, if you’re opinion is not popular, you may be suffering the consequences quickly. That’s definitely not good.

Democracy is great but we need to figure out how to curb this problem before it eradicates the democratic roots of our country!

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