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Clothing Round Up, Now with Lawyers

Over the last couple of weeks I have blogged about wearing shorts while playing basketball and then I blogged about the new dress code in the White House and then on Monday night I spoke about the power of clothes and Tzitzis. It makes me think I should blog exclusively about clothes. I was trying to avoid more clothes posts but for some reason I could not resist.

No, I am not searching the web for articles about how to dress. Yet, they keep on finding me. This time I was reading the Wall Street Journal and I found this article. The article is about a very shmanzty law firm called Bickel & Brewer.

Bickel & Brewer has a tradition of formal dress in the workplace. They believe that clothes do influence our attitudes. They believe that high-powered lawyers (whatever that means) should look like high-powered lawyers. Apparently, in times of economic uncertainty the first to go are the ones who dress casually. Interesting.

The Partners at the firm tutor the young associates on the finer aspects of dressing formally. Shiny shoes, starched dress shirts, dark suits and ties are the uniform of this law firm.

The idea of wearing casual clothes to work abhors the partners. One of the partners, Mr. Gardner says: “It’s actually a little offensive to my sense of style,”. Without a suit, he says, “I would feel like a football player who ran out on the field without his shoulder pads.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that business is good for formal clothiers. The White House won’t need to bail them out, but maybe they should check them out. We don’t want our president on the football field without his shoulder pads

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3 Responses

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  3. Mark says:

    I am completely the opposite – I am a fan of casual clothes, the more casual the better! I haven’t worn a suit in … well, a few years. Maybe it was for a simcha of some sort, I don’t recall which.

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