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You Have Got to See This! | It’s about Lego

I love Lego. My brother and I spent countless hours in our childhood building magnificent Lego creations. My son Rami has recently added Lego building to his skill set – he is quite good!

If I had to choose one toy to play with I would certainly choose Lego. It is the perfect toy.

Don’t believe me? You need to check this out…

This New York Times Opinion piece will show you what Lego is all about. This guy did a great job.

In addition although we love LA and don’t want to live in New York, there is a nostalgia that always will be associated with NYC. Just ask Kobe Bryant. He says his favorite (and most succesful in recent memory) place to play is New York. New York is a special place but there is no way I would trade this for this. (It’s been 80 degrees for a couple weeks now). As I mentioned previously it’s not just about the weather but it sure is nice…

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