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Messilas Yesharim 02/01/09

Today we began the 4th Chapter of Messilas Yesharim.

The 4th Chapter deals with the method by which we can acquire the very useful characteristic of Zehirus (watchfulness). The fist step in the process is study of Torah. By studying sections of Torah that deal with inspiration and motivation we can give ourselves a much needed boost. This is in addition to the inspiration which comes standard with any Torah study. Ramchal first talks about the type of person who has already acquired much Torah and cares desperately about living his life the fullest. He needs little motivation to be vigilant in his Zehirus – he already cares passionately about using his time well. This serves as his inspiration. It is the fear of not succeeding that drives him.

Next week we will learn about Ramchal’s method advice for those of us still lacking in the Torah study department.

We enjoyed a nice discussion about the fear of failure as well.

Click through to listen now.

Enjoy the class (25 minutes)


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