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You Are What You Eat | Connections 1/26/09

Nowhere is the statement “you are what you eat” more true than in Judaism.

Our topic tonight was the dietary laws of the Torah. Tonight we dispelled many of the myths about kosher. We discussed the origins of the English word Kosher and contrasted that to the Hebrew word for Kosher.

Kosher is survival of the fittest. The fittest food for human consumption. Fit in the sense that it is good for your soul. Soul Food.

We got pretty deep into understanding why food is so important in Judaism and how some of the dietary rules help us avoid “danger zones”.

The discussion ranged from chutes and ladders to sciatica. (no kidding)

There was a very nice crowd tonight and we hope that the class continues to grow. Come next week – and bring a friend!

Click through to listen now.

You can listen to the entire class below (50 minutes)


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  1. […] that an observant Jew knows are fit for consumption in accordance with the Jewish dietary laws. I spoke about this in detail at a Connections a few weeks back. I recommend checking that […]

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