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Messilas Yesharim 01/25/09

Today we completed the 3rd chapter of Messilas Yesharim.

Perhaps the most famous of Ramchal’s ideas is present in this week’ section. I won’t ruin it for you so you will need to check it out for yourself…

As we completed the section we talked about practical applications of “Zehirus” and in what ares we need watchfulness. We are not rehabilitating murders, thieves and rapists in our class so where is the moral struggle for which we need watchfulness? As a group we discussed following our intellect over our instinct and areas where that may be helpful.

We also briefly mentioned the idea that when we make good choices they can become instinctive as well – but that is an acquired instinct resulting from our good choices. The bad instinct is the “child” within us that is selfish and is reminiscent of animal instinct.

What we are learning about is how to stop the child instinct from controlling us. Then we make good choices which in turn become instinctual… And that is a good thing!

Click through to listen now.

Enjoy the class (32 minutes)


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