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A Piece of Peace

We had a spectacular Shabbos on the beach this week.

Friday Night Dinner was punctuated by a bang. An earthquake struck the area and sent many of us under the table for cover! The earthquake however was no match for the Shabbos Lunch meal the next day…

For the first time anyone can remember all 3 observant Shuls in the Venice / Santa Monica area shared a community meal together. The turnout was incredible, the atmosphere was electric and every participant truly enjoyed themselves.

Leslie Friedman (PJC Office), Mildred Wilson and my wife Tova planned and set up the whole thing and we appreciate their efforts.

It was truly a special moment in time and we are so happy with how the event turned out.

Pacific Jewish Center has an open door policy and this week we backed up our promises and ideas of an open door policy with actions. There will be more such events in the future and we look forward to more unity, harmony, peace and love across the Venice / Santa Monica Community. We share more than just a neighborhood, we share common values, goals and ideas. We can all be so much more effective if we work together.

In a couple of months PJC will also be hosting a Shabbat Across America. This is an opportunity for anyone who has not experienced a Shabbos with us in Venice to join us. There will be group meals and home hosted meals in the neighborhood and now is the time to begin inviting your friends and neighbors. The week will begin with a special Shabbos themedConnections” exploring the beauty and significance of Shabbos. So mark your calendars! March 16 will be the special Connections and March 20 -21 will be the Shabbat Across America Shabbos.

See you then!

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