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Breaking News! Ad@lf Hitl&r Campbell Update

A few weeks ago I commented on the idiots who named their children Adolf Hitler Campbell and Aryan Nation Campbell. They had a problem getting a birthday cake. Awwww, too bad.

Now they have a new problem on their hands. They will need to be invited by the authorities for the next birthday party. It seems that they are in a bit of hot water with the child protections agency. The children have been removed from the custody of the parents. The newspaper has conflicting reports on what their reasons were for removing the children from their home.

Apparently, the children were removed but NOT because of their names. So that just means that the parents were idiots when they named their kids and they continue to be idiots enough to warrant taking their children away!

I can’t say I am happy when a child is taken away from its parents but this might actually be a good thing…

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