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Inspiration. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! | Connections 1/12/09

We had such a nice program tonight. The event was sponsored by Elizabeth Liber as she moves to New York to attend Stern College. Thank you for your sponsorship and we will miss you!

Our topic tonight was Inspiration. Much of our discussion was rooted in R’ Akiva Tatz’s distillation of some very profound ideas. The main idea revolves around the numbers one, two and three. Listen to the class to find out just what that means! We learned more about the secrets behind the splitting of the sea, why food spoils, how to make a marriage work and “coping” with the load of our daily lives. There was some really great input from the attendees including some science, geometry and philosophical thoughts.

All in all the class was exciting, the questions were thought provoking and everyone in attendance had a really nice time. It makes the preparation and delivery worth the effort when the attendees are so engaging and positive.

I hope you will join us next Monday night for our next “Connections” we would love to see you there!

You can listen to the entire class below (55 minutes)


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