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Messilas Yesharim 01/11/09

Today we started the 3rd Chapter of Messilas Yesharim. Ramchal has given us the importance of Zehirus (watchfulness) and has taught us that we need to integrate this idea into our lives. What remains is the definitions of Zehirus. Today we began to uncover just what Zehirus actually is. Ramchal gives us the two main areas of Zehirus. Firstly we need to figure out what is right and what is wrong and then we need to figure if what we are doing is helping or hurting us in doing what is right.

We also discussed my previous blog post which prompted a short discussion on preparing for moral challenges and not just relying on our skill as moral warriors.

Finally we discussed examining your actions to see what is good and what is bad and then examining your good actions to see if they can be refined or improved in any way.

Enjoy the class (25 minutes)


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