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Messilas Yesharim 01/04/09

We had quite an interesting class today. Ramchal continues his explanation of the importance of Zehirus – watchfulness. The first point we discussed today was the idea that our animalistic instinct inside of us is very clever. One of his mian tricks is to keep us so busy with distractions that we don’t have time to think about our lives. We see this in our own lives all the time. We want to analyze ourselves and try and improve – there is just no time… This is one the many weapons in the arsenal of our evil inclination. It is the same idea George Orwell uses in 1984 to prevent all creative thought crushes the spirit and does not allow for any growth. The second topic discussed today was that we are promised that if we try our best then and only then we are promised the assistance of God. The idea is that if we don’t care enough about ourselves to make changes in our lives then no one – not even God is going to do it for us. The Ramchal ends off by invoking the Talmudic principle that if one does not care to grow then we are not supposed to work on that person Our time is much better spent other ways. This prompted a great discussion.

It is all here – just click. (30 minutes)



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