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The Year in Review

Is this what happened to you this year?

Did you basically go through the seasons with no change other than the weather. Did it end where it started…

This beautiful video could never be the year in review for a growing person. By the end of the year you should not recognize yourself. Well, maybe you should still be recognizable but nevertheless the growing person cannot be time-lapsed. The action is all on the inside. But can we see it? Does the change have an external effect? Interestingly the Torah teaches us that the inside is reflected on the outside. The word for face in Hebrew is Panim (pey, nun, yud, mem) and the word for inside is P’nim (same letters with different vowels) and this teaches us that the inside is reflected on the outside. Unfortunately most of the time we are so distracted by superficial beauty (let’s call it glitz) that we don’t even get the chance to see real internal beauty visible on the outside. But there are lots of exceptions – you’ll see them on the faces of great Tzadikkim (righteous men and women). This is going to be the topic of our next Connections schedled for this coming Monday Night at 8:00 PM (1/5/09). Beauty – is it really more than skin deep…?


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