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Today I officiated my first wedding. Back when I was a campus Rabbi at USC I met with an incredible young man named Bradley. Bradley joined us for Shabbat meals several times and attended a number of our learning programs as well. When I left USC Bradley and I remained connected through Facebook but that was it. One day about 3 months ago Bradley calls me up and asks me if I remember him – of course I remembered him! Anyway we got to talking and Bradley asked me if I could help him and his bride-to-be-Jackie “prepare” for their upcoming nuptials. I recommended they pick up a couple of copies of a wonderful book called “Two Halves of a Whole”. The book provides a sound approach to successful marriage communication from the Jewish perspective. We had weekly phone meetings and uncovered quite a few of the secrets to a Jewish and successful marriage. I also arranged for Jackie to meet with Bracha Zaret for a female perspective on Jewish marriage and as always Bracha hit a home-run. Jackie and Bradley were really excited for the wedding and their upcoming marriage. In addition to providing marriage guidance I was asked to officiate the wedding. I agreed because I wanted their wedding to be 100% Kosher and I did not think they had any other observant options. Luckily for me my father has been Mesader Kiddushin (that’s Hebrew for officiate a wedding) and gave me a primer in the laws of the Jewish Wedding. I also spoke with a local Rav named Rabbi Sauer who helped me with the nuances of a Los Angeles Kesubah. Well, the wedding was today and Bradley and Jackie are now married. The ceremony was easy compared to the writing and signing of the Kesubah. We managed to get it all done and now we wish Mazel Tov to Bradley and Jackie Olin.

I must express my gratitude to Bradley and Jackie for giving me this opportunity. One the one hand it was enjoyable and education for me to actually officiate the wedding. Perhaps even more importantly it helped remind me of my wedding and shed some light on my marriage. So Bradley and Jackie – Thank you! The most

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