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Intro to Talmud 1

Today I gave a lecture for a local Aish Campus retreat. My friends Rabbi Bloom and Rabbi Quinn run Aish Campus in Los Angeles and they invited me to give a 2 part lecture on the Introduction to and Philosophy of Talmud.

Today we had a very engaging session with a lot of great questions. We covered some very interesting ideas which are central to Torah study and understanding how our forefathers kept Torah before it was given to the world at Sinai many years later…

Just click the audio player to listen to the lecture (40 minutes).


Part 2 is posted here.

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  2. […] is not so that we should be “good”. We believe that goodness does exist without God. I gave a lecture about this and you can hear / download it on this blog. God is just there to give us a hand so that we know what good is in a given situation. Sometimes […]

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